Top 7 Summer Hair Care Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

As mentioned above, dry hair and humid air can make some hair types very frizzy and damaged in summer. For summer frizz, use a soothing shampoo like SU Hair and Body Wash. 

Fight Against Frizz And Dehydration

Even if you're not at the beach, summer heat blasts your hair. Skip the blow dryer and flat iron/curling iron to avoid overheating your hair. 

Avoid Applying Additional Heat

Instead of washing your hair daily, try every other day or every three. Depending on your hair type, washing less often may benefit your hair and the planet's water resources!

Wash Less Often

Choose warm, but not boiling, shower water. It refreshes your skin and scalp and reduces CO2 emissions by warming the water with less energy.

Opt for Cooler Water 

In summer, pull your hair up for immediate coolness. Instead of ponytails, try loose, wavy hair that won't rest flat on your neck.

Wear Cooler Styles

After washing, apply SU Hair Milk like conditioner or leave it on dry hair for minutes to hours for a natural cure.

Swim Responsibly

Rough brushing can break summer hair and pull out roots. Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair, so use combs.

Beware the Brush