These Are the 8 Best Chicken Breeds for Your Flock


Leghorns, originating from an Italian town, are top egg producers known for efficient feed conversion. They're stars of the U.S. egg industry, with industrial and heritage varieties, but challenging for beginners.

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red, a gentle breed from the U.S., is known for large brown eggs and is a top choice for chicken keepers. Industrial types are great layers, while heritage types serve dual purposes: eggs and meat.

Plymouth Rock

When it was common for families to raise chickens, the large Plymouth Rock breed was popular in the US. These easy-to-care-for, gentle birds lay about four eggs a week, or 200 a year.


Known for their prolific egg-laying (one hen set a record with 364 eggs in a year), Australorps have iridescent black and green feathers and produce brown eggs, making them very popular.

Red Star

Red Star chickens, or Red Sex-Links, are hybrid chickens known for their high egg production. They can lay up to 300 eggs annually, with their sex easily determined after hatching.


The Orpington matures quickly, is friendly and easy to raise, and lays over 200 eggs yearly. Developed in Britain, they're known for their buff coloring but come in other colors too. Popular as show chickens.


The Sussex chicken, a versatile British breed, excels in meat production, egg laying (up to 250 eggs/year), and poultry shows. It's rare and not ideal for beginners.


The Brahma is a large, gentle breed weighing 10+ pounds. They are excellent egg layers, uniquely continuing to lay regularly even in winter when many other breeds reduce or stop laying.