The Best Men's High Fade Haircut: Trend Insights for 2024

Classic High Fade

The classic high fade is timeless, featuring short sides and back that gradually taper up towards the crown. This clean and simple cut suits all face shapes and hair types, making it a go-to choice.

High Fade with Textured Top

Add dimension with a textured top. The high fade provides a sleek foundation, while the textured top adds volume and movement. 

High Fade with Pompadour

The high fade with a pompadour combines vintage charm with contemporary flair. The sides are faded high, and the top is styled into a voluminous pompadour. 

High Fade with Quiff

Similar to the pompadour, the high fade with a quiff is stylish and bold. The quiff is less structured and more relaxed, making it perfect for casual yet polished looks. 

High Fade with Crop Top

The crop top is a low-maintenance, edgy option. Paired with a high fade, this cut is short and textured on top, creating a striking contrast. Ideal for those who prefer a hassle-free, stylish haircut.

High Fade with Part

Incorporate a hard part into your high fade for a defined, sharp look. The parting line adds structure and separates the top from the faded sides, emphasizing the haircut's precision and style.

High Fade with Curly Hair

For men with curly hair, a high fade can enhance natural texture. The short sides and back keep the haircut neat, while the curly top adds volume and character. 

High Fade with Beard

Pair a high fade with a beard for a rugged yet sophisticated appearance. The contrast between the clean fade and the full beard creates a balanced, masculine look.