The 7 Components of a Successful Weight Loss Plan

Reasonable weight loss expectations

Get rid of the weight loss plans that are like "get rich quick" scams. People often follow diets and workout plans that promise to help them lose a lot of weight quickly, like "Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days."

A diet that fits with your preferences

There isn't much difference between weight loss diets when it comes to how well they help people lose weight. The most important thing is to pick a program with a food that YOU ENJOY! Do you like green things?

Keeping your favorite foods

Along with picking a diet that fits your tastes in general, make sure that your plan allows for your best foods. One thing that might be very important to you is having a bowl of ice cream in the evening.

Focus on changing both eating and activity patterns

Many people think that getting more active is the only way to lose weight. But changes in what you eat are what really cause you to lose weight. You might then ask, "Why work out at all?"

Tracking your weight

You should be able to keep track of the changes you want to make with a good tool. You can keep track of your weight in the same way that you check your bank amount. Even if it's not always fun

Tracking your diet

A good program should have you write down what you eat and drink as well as your weight. It is very simple to forget about the sugar, fat, and calories in that coffee, the mayonnaise, and chocolate you took from a coworker's desk.

Accountability and support over the long-term

Finally, the program should provide the accountability and support you need. In-person and phone-based programs provide bigger weight decreases than online programs due to responsibility and support.