Inspirational Balayage Hair Color Trends to Look Out For in 2024

Caramel-Balayage Hair

This caramel-like balayage looks great with her chocolate base. With brightness in spring and summer and depth in fall and winter, it feels seasonless. Ask your stylist for a shadow root to make this seem more natural and reduce salon visits.

Vanilla Chai Highlights

Vanilla chai is TikTok's latest food-themed beauty post, inspired by the "vanilla girl aesthetic". A grown-out/rooted blonde with a sandy/beige shade and neutral undertone.

Latte Hair

Latte hair is light-to-medium brunette with warm babylights or light-brown balayage for dimension. Blending and minimalism are key."I appreciate 2024's subtle color transition.

Scandi-Hairline Trend

If you think your blonde never looks blonde enough, especially when pulled back, you'll enjoy the "Scandinavian hairline" style. Your colorist will deliberately lighten your baby hairs and hairline to give your hair a sunkissed, ultra-bright blonde look.


Cherry-cola lips—brown lip liner over sheer-red lip gloss—became popular on TikTok. Cherry-cola hair is just a rebranding of auburn, our favorite reddened dark-brown hair color.

Icy-Platinum Hair

Enter the platinum-blonde frosty hair trend early. '80s Pamela Anderson or Regina George in Mean Girls. This full-throttle blonde evokes the past, while still feeling modern and unique.

Smoke Hair 

Smoky charcoal gives dark-brown or black hair a gothic look. Request blue/gray hair color from your stylist to achieve a similar look. Grays make this shade chicer, so bring them in.