How To Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage

Ensure your hair is fully dry before using hot tools

Although ‘wet-to-dry’ straighteners were formerly fashionable, straightening wet or damp hair is dangerous and can damage the hair's interior structure.

Use only high-quality styling tools

When straightening, the quality of your hot style equipment can help protect your hair.

Decrease how often you straighten your hair

Your hair kind, straightener temperature, and level of lightening or coloring. However, we recommend extending each straightening session.

Re-nourish your hair with a mask

Our Nutritive Masquintense Riche Hair Mask repairs weak, heat-damaged, or over-processed hair with Iris Root Extract, Ceramides, and Benzoin Resin.

Use a heat protectant spray or cream

Always using a heat protectant product when styling hair is crucial to preventing heat damage.

Always apply a heat protectant

It is extremely important to use a heat protection product to maintain the quality of the hair and long-lasting styling,” explains Vessoaker.

Avoid subjecting your hair to heat for too long

Avoid using your equipment on the same hair region twice because it can damage your hair shafts. Temperature is important.