How To Build Muscle, According To Experts

Get Specific

Pick a muscle or group of muscles to work on when you're trying to build strength. Sekely says that you can lift bigger weights if you do workouts that work more than one joint and work the target muscle.

Eat Protein

It's important to give your muscles the right food if you want to build muscle safely and effectively. Muscle growth happens when cells work to make new muscle fibers. This process needs to be paired with eating enough protein.


People who want to build strength should make sure they get enough sleep. Dr. Graham says that we need 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night for our cells to start to repair and grow again.

Don’t Settle

Remember that your numbers should be changing all the time as you train. And your 1RM will need to change as you get stronger if you're really building muscle and power.


When you lift weights for your legs, arms, or core, make sure you time your lifts with your breath. This will give your muscles and heart the oxygen they need to do the hard work safely and without raising your blood pressure.

Listen to Your Body

Don't just follow an exercise plan without thinking about how your body will react. Even though it may be hard, growing muscle shouldn't hurt. It depends on your age, health, and goals.

Don't Always Go Hard

Every day you should move your body, but that doesn't mean your workouts should make you so tired that you can't do anything else. It's impossible for your body to grow if you work out hard every day.