Expert Tips to Walk Your Way to Weight Loss

Be consistent The only way you will make progress toward your weight loss objective is through consistency. Therefore, make whatever time during the day you can to go for a refreshing walk don't make any excuses!

Use technology to stay on track Wearable technology is a great tool for self-monitoring, self-motivation, and accountability. This is a wise addition to your everyday exercise routine, whether you use a walking app or fitness tracker on your phone or purchase a WHOOP, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, or other device.

Get uncomfortable Becoming slightly "uncomfortable." This isn't about going all out when you're just starting out; instead, it's about picking up the pace when you feel ready!

Vary the terrain you walk on Changing the surface you're walking on. It's all well and good to walk on a level, paved surface. Nonetheless, think about changing up the scenery to provide your body with a greater challenge and encourage weight reduction.

Switch up your walking speed The more quickly you walk, the more calories your body will burn. Therefore, if you want to reduce weight while walking, think about using faster bursts.

Incorporate a weighted backpack Consider "rucking," or incorporating a weighted backpack into your exercise regimen. "Rucking is an activity that involves walking or hiking with a weighted backpack,

Engage your arms While walking, your legs do most of the effort, but don't forget to use your arms as well! Even if walking with your arms pumping may not be the best way to burn calories, any movement you can add to your stroll counts.