Discover the Latest Hair Trends This 2024 with L Salon and Color Group

With the shorter layer curled inside and the bottom layers curled out, this sharp and contrasted cut evokes the sea animal.

Italian Bobs will be popular in 2024. This lovely chin-length hair, softly layered to fall on one side, is a must-try for short hair beginners.

Bangs of all sizes and shapes will also dominate 2024. After making waves last year, curtain bangs will continue in 2024. 

People who wish to preserve their natural texture and make a statement are wearing curls again in 2024. 

The New Year hair color mood board features caramels, honey browns, magenta reds, and darker mahogany. 

Ribbons and bows were popular in 2023 and again this year. Add pizzazz with loose ribbons wrapped at the end of hair or below a big bun. 

Healthy hair will rule 2024. People will choose hair-friendly styling methods. Hair treatments will be big.