9 Secrets McDonald s Employees Really Want You to Know

Cheaper Versions of Your Favorites:

Save money by ordering a sundae with your favorite McFlurry toppings instead of a full McFlurry. Look for small changes on the McDonald's menu to cut costs.

Ask for Fresh Food:

Request freshly made food during slow times to ensure your meal is at its peak quality, though it might take a bit longer to prepare.

Ice Cream Machine Downtime:

The ice cream machine often takes four hours to clean and sanitize, leading to frequent downtime and unavailable shakes or McFlurries.

No Secret Menu:

Unlike some fast-food chains, McDonald's doesn t have a secret menu. You can ask for special requests, but it's easier during non-busy times.

Non-Salt Fries Difficulty:

Ordering non-salt fries can delay your order as it requires frying a fresh batch and cleaning equipment to avoid salt contamination.

Drive-Thru Priority:

Drive-thru orders take precedence over in-store diners, so using the drive-thru can be faster during busy hours.

Decide Before Getting in Line:

To avoid frustrating other customers and employees, decide on your order before getting in line.

Round Eggs Are Real Eggs:

McDonald's uses egg rings on the grill to cook round eggs for McMuffins, ensuring a perfect size and shape with real eggs.

Drive-Thru for Cars Only:

McDonald's drive-thru only serves cars, so you ll need to go inside if you re on foot or riding a bike.