9 Genius Pedicure Tips I Learned From A Top London Foot Doctor

Give your toenails a break from polish

It could endure anything. It may last forever, but you should still remove it sometimes.

Never skip the base coat

The temptation to slap on polish and go is real, especially in warm weather. However, Gohil emphasizes the need for a foundation coat.

Oil can transform your nails

Toenail oil may revitalize tired feet, and it doesn't have to be pricey. Manicurists always recommend cuticle oil.

Use a flat foot file

You won't know how much skin to remove, and you could cause injury. Don't utilize those—it's not worth it.”

Rethink using gel toenail polish

I’ve seen clients who have had gel polish on for six weeks panic that their toenails have become weak, brittle, and spotted.

Not all creams are created equal 

Gohil cites several causes of dry feet. They include heredity, exposure to extreme heat or cold, and hydration (therefore drink more water).

The trick to trimming your toenails

Google searches for "should toenails be cut wet or dry?" and "what tool is best" are common. Both depend on personal preference, adds Gohil.

Exfoliating socks don’t have to be scary

Gohil recommends these socks. “You may leave skin bits everywhere, but they're gentle.

How to tell if your feet need more than just cream

There's a simple technique to assess if your dry feet need cream or something deeper. Gohil adds superficial dry skin may seem white with wrinkles.