9 Flowering Succulents to Grow for Their Stunning Blooms

Hardy Ice Plant

Flowering succulent groundcover for Zones 5-10 with intense purple-pink flowers, requires sunny, well-drained sites, and may need replanting each spring after wet winters.


Unique flowers ranging from near-black to red to cream, some varieties produce foul-smelling flowers to attract flies for pollination, best placed outdoors when blooming.

Christmas Cactus

Classic houseplant that blooms around holidays, prefers indirect sunlight, available in colors like pink, white, red, orange, and gold.

Prickly Pear

Cactus with flowers in pink, yellow, or orange, ranges from 1-15 feet tall, covered in sharp spines, ideal for full-sun areas, needs careful handling.

Living Stones

Lithops succulents resembling rocks, produce small flowers in white, orange, yellow, or pink from splits in the plant.


Vining succulent best in warm locations with indirect sunlight, features waxy flowers in white, pink, and red, thrives when slightly root-bound.


Needs 6 weeks of 14-hour darkness daily to initiate flowering, blooms in red, orange, white, yellow, or pink, popular late-winter/early-spring houseplant.

Crown of Thorns

Flowering succulent with red, pink, white, or yellow bracts, blooms year-round, easy to grow indoors, produces latex sap that can irritate skin.

Orchid Cactus

Best in hanging baskets with filtered sunlight, needs indoor protection below 50°F, flowers up to 12 inches wide in white, orange, yellow, or pink, requires daily spritzing but dry soil.