9 Drop Cookie Recipes for the Easiest Holiday Baking

Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies

With a tall glass of milk, these Christmas cookies are a treat that everyone in the family will remember. The cinnamon and brown sugar in these oatmeal drop cookies make the honey smell even stronger.

Cherry-White Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cherry drop cookies will make your holiday cookie plate look better. Cherry maraschino adds a splash of color to these white chocolate chip cookies.

Meyer Lemon Ricotta Cookies

Those who try these lemon drop biscuits will be able to experience the herbal and flowery overtones. Their preparation involves the use of Meyer lemons, which are a hybrid of a lemon and an orange.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe for chocolate chip cookies has been around for a long time and is likely to become one of your favorites. This is the best cookie recipe for people who have never made cookies before.

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies

If you make these pumpkin drop cookies, your kitchen will smell great with the warm spices that go with pumpkin. You'll have plenty to share since the pumpkin recipe makes five dozen cookies.

Kirschtorte Cookies

You'll love how this chocolate dessert recipe tastes like chocolate and cherries together. A sweet chocolate-cherry frosting made with kirsch is spread on top of each chewy cookie.

Triple Chocolate Cookies

These chocolate drop cookies are a triple chocolate holiday treat because they have two kinds of chocolate and a pretty chocolate drizzle. You'll get more than five dozen cookies from just one batch.

Lacy Oat Cookies

These drop cookies made with oats have a flavor similar to buttery caramel. Lace cookies are a kind of cookie that is known for its thin and crispy texture, and they are called for its transparent look.

Buckeye Cookies

These peanut butter drop cookies are great if you like chocolate candy recipes. The famous candy that looks like the nuts that grow on Ohio buckeye trees gave me the idea for this holiday dish.