9 Delicious + Healthy Memorial Day Dessert Ideas

Mixed Berry Flag Pie:

This delicious pie uses mixed berries and cut-out pie crust pieces to create a patriotic flag design. Perfect for any summer occasion, it s both impressive and tasty.

Red, White & Blue Sorbet Loaf:

This dessert, featuring layers of cherry, lime, and coconut sorbet, resembles a Bomb Pop on a plate. It s a refreshing treat for sweet-and-tart lovers.

Mini Stars Berry Pies:

These individual pies, filled with fresh berries, are naturally festive for Memorial Day. Enjoy them with a scoop of homemade ice cream for the perfect summer dessert.

Strawberry-Lemonade Angel Pie:

This light and sweet pie is like a reverse lemon meringue pie. With a baked meringue shell, lemon filling, and plenty of whipped cream and strawberries, it s a delicious gluten-free option.

Patriotic Cupcakes:

Keep it simple with made-from-scratch cupcakes topped with mini American flags. These classic treats are perfect for any patriotic celebration.

Cheddar Apple Pie:

Celebrate America with this twist on a classic apple pie. The combination of apples and cheddar creates a unique and inexplicably delicious dessert.

Brandied Cherry-and-Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream:

This homemade ice cream, featuring brandied cherries and chocolate chunks, is perfect for Memorial Day. The brandy can be omitted to make it kid-friendly.

Key Lime Slab Pie with Candied Lime Zest:

Key lime lovers will adore this large pie, which is perfect for feeding a crowd. It s a refreshing and tangy dessert for your Memorial Day celebration.

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake:

This rich cake, soaked in three kinds of milk, is a sweet and creamy dream. It might become your new favorite chocolate cake, perfect for any festive occasion.