9 Cool Balayage Hair Ideas for Every Color and Texture

Golden Peach Balayage

Right now, peach hair is very popular, but if you want to rock the look more naturally, try a gorgeous swirling ginger like this one.

Face-Frame Highlights

Another 2020 megatrend? Anything that highlights your face. Yes, massive highlights are returning, but swirls of colour are more subtle.

Tweed Hair

Chicago colorist Rex Jimieson says his customers are abandoning the more defined ombré they've loved in prior seasons. Instead, they want tweed hair, which Jimieson called delicate, evenly scattered highlights.

Cool Brown Balayage

Try barely-there cool brown highlights to break up your brunette without changing much. Keep your foundation black and ask for subtle balayage highlights, recommends New York hairdresser Lauren Grummel.

Pink Pastel

According to colorist Papanikolas, pastel balayage is a more sophisticated way to experiment with a fun colour without using a full head.

Root Blur Balayage

Easy-to-grow colour is a popular trend this year. A blurred root, which celebrity colorist Jeremy Tardo calls a 2020 ombré remix, works well.

Bold Spirals

Bright highlights provide complexity to curls without drastic changes. This colour works best for thicker, dark hair, explains Tardo. The lighter ribbons of colour separate to highlight beautiful natural textures.

Sun-Kissed Balayage

Classic face-framing highlights like Cherin Choi's at Nova Arts Salon are always a good idea in hot weather. Even with higher-contrast tones, the arrangement seems natural since the sun will illuminate pieces near your face.

Ginger Beer

Add red tones to darker hair if you want Zendaya's Emmy hair without going reddish. Red is typically high-maintenance, but this makes it manageable.