9 Best Types of Roses for Every Garden

Oklahoma Rose

This hybrid tea rose, bred in the 1960s by an Oklahoma State University graduate, is the official flower of the state.

Rosa Blanda

A North American native, it produces numerous pink flowers during the summer months. Its fragrant blossoms are followed by red fruits that attract birds.

Lark Ascending Rose

Characterized by apricot-colored blooms, this lightly scented rose has double flowers that open upward on four-to-five-foot shrubs.

New Dawn Rose

Voted the most popular rose in the world by the World Convention of Rose Societies, this fresh-smelling modern rose is a vigorous climber, reaching up to 15 feet.

Charles Darwin Rose

Known for its large yellow blooms, this English rose grows as a bushy four-foot shrub. Ideal for planting in the front of borders, it thrives even in partial sun conditions.

Moondance Rose

With glossy green leaves and tall clusters of creamy white blooms, this modern hybrid rose grows on trouble-free shrubs.

Ispahan Rose

A type of damask rose, it is renowned for its fragrant, ruffly pink blooms that mostly appear in summer with a slight repeat in fall.

Blush Noisette Rose

This mildly fragrant rose blooms on a thornless shrub, making it suitable for households with children or those prone to accidents.