9 Best Back Exercises For Strength And Injury Prevention

Resistance band pull-apart

Simple but effective, the resistance band pull-apart starts your back workout.

Lat pulldown

Lat pulldowns are a back-building mainstay. Lat pulldowns can be done with a gym machine or resistance band.

Back extension

Back extensions work your entire posterior chain. Excellent beginner exercise.

Suspended row

Suspended rows work well because they require balance and body weight. It suits all abilities, which is fantastic.

Wood chop

The full-body wood chop works your core, arms, and back. Start with a 10-pound dumbbell or medicine ball.

Quadruped single-arm dumbbell row

This exercise returns to the principles of the row, resolving form flaws including over-rowing at the top, overstretching your arm at the bottom

Wide dumbbell bent-over row

Wide dumbbell rows, like barbell rows, increase range of motion and help correct side muscle imbalances.

Barbell deadlift

The barbell deadlift is a great complex exercise that works multiple muscular groups.


The superman exercise is difficult despite resting on the floor. No equipment is needed for this lower back strengthening move.