9 Best arm exercises with weights & workouts

You've certainly seen or performed bicep curls before, since they're one of the most common arm workouts. The muscle in front of your upper arm, known as the bicep, is the focus of this exercise.

Bicep curls

The dumbbell shoulder press, also referred to as the dumbbell military press, works your arms, shoulders, and chest. When learning how to do this exercise for the first time, dumbbells are typically utilized.

Dumbbell shoulder press

The one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger invented the Arnold press. This is a variant of the shoulder press that works the whole shoulder head and biceps.

Arnold press

Pushups are an excellent workout that works your arms, back, core, and glutes in addition to your chest. Unlike standard pushups, dips require your arms to be at your sides. This makes them distinct.

Tricep pushups

Chest presses focus on the shoulders, triceps, biceps, and chest. Dumbbells, a chest press machine, cable machines, or even a barbell can be used for it.

Chest press

A fantastic workout to work your biceps and upper body is the chin-up. It's not a novice workout; instead, it's an intermediate one that calls for the capacity to raise your chest over a pullup bar.


Like the chin-up, the pullup is a more difficult exercise that calls for you to raise your chest to a horizontal bar. Since the pullup uses your latissimus dorsi, it is more difficult to do.


A continuation of the traditional forearm plank is the plank walk-up. "I love this exercise because you're challenging your upper body strength as well as your core all at once," Crawford states.

Plank walk-ups