9 Amazing Minimal Manicures To Try RN

Linework designs captivate with their crisp, visually exciting patterns. Each nail is unique yet harmonizes perfectly, enhanced by neutral earth tones from Curious and Merge nail polish.


Gradients don t need to cover the entire nail. This checkered gradient design is perfect for spring, featuring New York, Pooh, and Coral Reef nail polishes


Minimalist nail art can be stunningly simple. This chic look combines SUGAR POP Nail Lacquer's Baked Bae and Black Berry for an effortlessly cool manicure.

Trippin Lines

A skinny French tip modernizes a classic look, with metallic finishes and skinny black tips. The pointed center shape gives the illusion of almond tips, complemented by Bardot's soft beige holographic base and metallic polishes

Skinny Tips

Minimalistic nail art cuffs create a captivating look. Lilac base with a matte top coat and darker purple Boho cuffs combine for a chic, edgy manicure that showcases personality.


Swirl nail art is trendy for a reason. Using Be Creative, Selena, and Family polishes, this design highlights the fun of freehand swirls, aided by The Liner Brush for precision.


The dry brush technique is beautifully executed Easter manicure. Starting with Surf's soft blue, she incorporates Blue, Pinkie, Korma, and Limelite, demonstrating how unique color combinations can work harmoniously.

Dry Brush

Abstract nail art offers endless creativity. Black glitter from Dijon, Lilas, and Cats polishes add depth, while Horcrux's deep purple holographic finish makes the abstract manicure truly glamorous.


Dot-themed nail art brings a playful touch. Aquatic's deep blue base and Support's linear holographic shine beautifully, making for a delightful minimal nail art pairing.