8 Window Box Ideas To Add Instant Charm To Your Home

Fill Every Inch:

Utilize every available space in your backyard for decorative details. In a Birmingham, Alabama home, Landscape Designer Todd Dorlon added an espaliered apple tree to an empty wall using wire and screws.

Place Within Reach:

Ensure window boxes are easy to reach for frequent watering. They should be at least 12 inches deep for adequate root growth and have proper drainage.

Plant Vines For Drama:

Create eye-catching displays with a mix of plants. A trio of boxes with white caladiums, red ti plants, and trailing creeping Jenny and ivy can add dramatic flair to your home s facade.

Design A Mini Garden:

Combine different plants in one window box for a layered, colorful effect. Debbie Kaminski uses fern, orange calibrachoa, red bromeliad, and 'Mona Lavender' plectranthus. Loosen compacted roots before planting to ensure healthy growth.

Decorate Your Garden Shed:

Enhance the charm of a utilitarian garden shed with window boxes. This small addition can transform a basic structure into a delightful feature of your property.

Tropical Window Box:

Create bold and unexpected designs with a mix of tropical plants. Kelli Shaw s window box features a red-centered bromeliad, red-stemmed caladiums, maroon cordyline, purple heuchera, pink begonias.

Embrace Small Wonders:

Start with petite plants that will fill out over the season. Tracee Lund s window box features purple salvia, sweet potato vine, and purple wishbone, providing curb appeal with fine-textured foliage and flowers.

Make It Wild:

Use a variety of plants for a vibrant, eclectic display. Kelly Megeath combines yellow creeping Jenny, pink mandevilla, purple calibrachoa, and red pentas for an English garden feel.