8 things you didn t know about Wendy s

Wendy s Establishment:

Founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohio, Wendy s is now the third-largest fast-food burger chain globally, offering more than five decades of service.

The Real Wendy:

The restaurant's namesake, Wendy, is actually Dave Thomas's daughter, Melinda Lou "Wendy" Thomas-Morse, who remains involved in the business, owning multiple Wendy s locations.

Early KFC Support:

Dave Thomas, before founding Wendy s, advised Col. Harland Sanders of KFC, offering valuable insights that helped shape the brand.

John Havlicek s Investment:

The late John Havlicek, renowned for his basketball career, was an early investor in Wendy s, owning three locations and leveraging the earnings to retire a millionaire.

Drive-Thru Innovation:

While not the first, Wendy s pioneered drive-thru windows at all its locations, introducing the concept in 1971.

Initial Menu Offerings:

Wendy s started with just five menu items in 1969, including hamburgers, fries, chili, soft drinks, and the iconic Frosty dessert.

Square Patty Strategy:

Founder Dave Thomas implemented square patties to emphasize burger size and quality, inspired by his childhood memories of Kewpee Hamburgers in Michigan.

Chocolate Frosty Composition:

Every chocolate Frosty contains vanilla ice cream, contributing to its balanced flavor profile.