8 Super Cute Easter Nail Designs

Peeps-Inspired Easter Nail Idea

Swap traditional French manicure tips for bright yellow ones to capture the cheerful spirit of spring inspired by Peeps marshmallow treats. Add a sprinkle of glitter for extra sparkle and dimension.

Lovely Lilac Easter Nail Idea

Add a simple three-dot detail to solid nails for a versatile design that works with any color combination. This pretty light pink and purple look is perfect for Easter. Consider adding small floral accents for an extra touch of springtime charm.

Peachy Keen Easter Nail Idea

Create the illusion of longer nails with a light, peachy base polish and energetic shots of orange alternating from the nail beds to the tips. Incorporate delicate flower decals or stickers for a whimsical Easter garden vibe.

Baby Chick Easter Nail Idea

Ideal for teens and tweens, this design combines pastel cosmic-inspired glitter nails with a hatching baby chick accent nail for a youthful Easter look. Experiment with different pastel shades and textures for a fun and unique twist.

Perfect Stripes Easter Nail Idea

Achieve clean lines with multi-colored accent nails using nail striping tape for precision. Add small Easter egg or bunny motifs along the stripes for a playful Easter theme.

3D Cross Nail Charms Easter Nail Idea

Add bejeweled cross charms to an accent nail for a meaningful Easter touch. Incorporate soft pastel shades for the base color to complement the delicate charm.

Peeking Bunnies Easter Nail Idea

Decorate each nail with a family of adorable bunnies peeking in using nail polish pens for a playful Easter design. Experiment with different bunny poses and expressions for added personality.

Minimalist Easter Nail Idea

Keep it simple with a nude or clear base and one or two pastel polishes painted on half of the nail or in a clean stripe down the middle for a trendy minimalist look perfect for spring