8 Short Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next Manicure

Playful Pastels

These short nude nails are embellished with vibrant hues and imaginative camo patterns. The neutral foundation is given a fun and fashionable appearance by the blue, red, and gold hues.

Elegant Purple

The gorgeous purple color on these short nails adds a subtle yet dramatic touch. Its lustrous surface brilliantly catches the light.

Zebra Zen

A couple others have zebra stripes over a white base, creating a dramatic contrast with a bold black pinky nail design.

Peachy Keen

Soft peach and subdued white are applied to alternate nails, creating a refined swirl where the two hues blend together.

Midnight Gloss

A striking statement of elegance is created on each nail by the opulent, glossy, jet-black finish that surrounds them.

Floral Fancy

The delicate floral pattern adorning these stunning nails features a translucent nude-pink foundation with accents of purple, black, pink, and green flowers.

Pastel Swirls

Each nail features swirls of colorful orange, pink, yellow, and blue against a background of milky cream.

Milky White

These short nails have a neat, traditional finish thanks to a thin white polish with a hint of shine. The delicate sheen adds a hint of refinement and ease.