8 Rudest Things People Can Do at the Grocery Store

Leaving it in the aisle and hindering traffic is wrong. Senior digital editor Rebecca Baer advises against leaving the cart willy nilly in the parking lot after shopping. Return it to the parking lot corral or store, whichever is closer.

Parking Your Buggy Wherever You Please

advises treating the supermarket cart like a car and supposing every aisle has stop signs. When departing an aisle with your buggy, look both ways before crossing the "street." Thus, you avoid hitting another poor, unknowing consumer.

Ignoring the Rules of the Road

You may run into a friend or neighbor at the store, but be careful where you converse. Pick up your conversation and relocate to a less-trafficked area if someone is looking at the produce behind you.

Camping Out for a Conversation

You've got to do a little examining, but just do it mindfully." Your ideal cantaloupe shouldn't take 10 minutes to choose. 

Lingering Too Long Over Purchasing Decisions

We love the self-service register when we need a forgotten carton of milk or eggs, but when shoppers with buggies full of food camp out at registers, especially when some items require keying in codes, it loses its appeal.

Ringing Out A Large Order in the Self-Checkout Lane

Parents of screaming youngsters who need food to settle their tempers should be careful how they offer the packaging to the cashier. Give them nothing your child has eaten! 

Snacking Mid-Shop

If you're looking for the right cut of meat, don't hover so close that your neighbor feels obligated to rush. Give them time to find what they need, then take over. The checkout line too. 

Not Respecting Personal Space

If you decide mid-shopping that you don't want or need an item anymore, put it back where it belongs. Mary Shannon Hodes. Any other approach is disrespectful to staff and customers.

Stashing an Unwanted Item in a Random Spot