8 Quick Growing Houseplants For a Seriously Green Living Space


The dark purple-black foliage of Geogenanthus makes it a standout in bright white or colorful spaces. It thrives in average to above-average humidity, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, or terrariums.

Baltic Blue Pothos

Known for its elongated bluish-green leaves and trailing growth habit, Baltic Blue Pothos is perfect for bright spots. It grows best in bright, indirect light and looks stunning when allowed to grow vertically.

Dragon Alocasia

With thick green leaves overlaid with silver, the Silver Dragon Alocasia adds elegance to any plant collection. It pairs well with Geogenanthus due to similar growing needs.

Global Green Pothos

This new variety of Pothos features beautiful green-on-green variegation. It tolerates a range of light and humidity conditions, making it as easy to grow as the traditional golden Pothos.

Schumi Red Peperomia

With metallic red-purple leaves and an interesting corrugated texture, Schumi Red Peperomia adds a burst of color to any bright corner. Its small size makes it perfect for a desk.

Stromanthe Plant

Stromanthe's pastel variegated leaves combine pinks, creams, and greens. As daylight fades, its leaves raise towards the sky, showing off the striking color underneath.

Moonlight Philodendron

Featuring frilly, deeply cut leaves in brilliant green, the Moonlight Philodendron is easy to grow and adds lush greenery to any space.

Dragon Tree

Perfect for beginners, the Dragon Tree features long green and pink spiky leaves. Its versatility makes it suitable as a centerpiece or a quiet corner accent.