8 Pretty Pastel Nail Ideas to Usher You Right Into Spring

Soft Lavender

Paint your nails with a delicate lavender shade for a subtle yet sophisticated look that captures the essence of springtime serenity.

Powder Blue

Embrace the tranquility of spring skies with a pastel blue hue that evokes feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Pale Pink

Opt for a classic pastel pink polish for a timeless and feminine manicure that adds a touch of sweetness to your spring ensemble.

Mint Green

Channel the freshness of spring foliage with a mint green nail color that brings a pop of vibrant yet soothing color to your fingertips.

Lemon Yellow

Brighten up your manicure with a cheerful lemon yellow shade that radiates energy and optimism, perfect for embracing the sunny days ahead.

Peachy Coral

Add a warm and inviting touch to your nails with a peachy coral hue that complements a wide range of spring outfits and brings a subtle glow to your fingertips.

Soft Lilac

Embrace the delicate beauty of spring blossoms with a soft lilac nail polish that exudes elegance and grace, perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Pastel Rainbow

Get creative with a pastel rainbow manicure featuring a different pastel shade on each nail for a playful and whimsical look that celebrates the vibrant colors of spring.