8 Pool Exercises for a Low-Impact, Full Body Workout

Walking in the pool

Stand at the shallow end of the pool facing the other way. Proceed over the pool. Reverse and return to the start. Arms pump like going outdoors.

Running in the pool

Start from one end of the small pool. Try running in the pool instead of walking and receive air (water!) beneath each stride. Pump your arms like you're racing across the pool.

Knee kicks

Support your back and arms against the pool. Imagine riding a bike as you extend one leg up to the top of the water and push it down and forward into the water. Continue alternating legs, bringing the knee in and kicking out.

Frog kicks

Hold a noodle or wall corner or rest your head on your hands facing the wall. Legs in, knees bent out to the sides (frogger pose). A frog kick follows a diagonal kick to either side and a return to centre.

Bicep curls

Spread your hands and compress your fingers with your arms at your sides. Bend your elbows and curl your forearms to get your hands near your shoulders.

Tricep extension

Standing erect, hug your elbows to your sides. Bend your elbows 90 degrees to put your hands in front of you and your forearms parallel to the pool floor.

Chest press

Reach your arms to your sides under water while standing upright. Palms open, fingers together. Keep your arms straight and bring your fingers together in front of you like a tree hug.

Pool pushups

Stand with your hands on the pool edge as wide as your shoulders and your feet a few feet from the wall. Pushup with elbows out to the sides. Straighten your arms to restart.