8 Pergola Ideas That Will Add Style and Shade to Your Backyard

Stylish Pergola Ideas:

Pergolas, popular in 2024, add sophistication to outdoor spaces and can include features like roll-down windows, space heaters, and lighting systems.

Entryway Pergola:

Adding a pergola to an entryway provides shade and enhances the entrance with planters and furniture accents like wicker chairs.

Inexpensive Pergola:

Beautiful pergolas can be budget-friendly, with some stunning designs costing less than $200 to build.

Pergola for Outdoor Fireplaces:

Complementing an outdoor fireplace with a pergola creates a cozy lounging area for both day and night.

Lighted Pergola:

Hanging Edison bulbs and potted plants from a cedar wood pergola, naturally resistant to rot and decay, adds charm and beauty.

Pergola With Curtains:

Adding curtains made from sheets to a pergola-covered deck offers both drama and privacy.

Paper Lantern Pergola Decor:

Paper lanterns instantly create a festive atmosphere when added to any pergola.

Large Pergola:

A large pergola provides shade and creates an inviting outdoor space, especially when furnished with comfortable seating and dining areas.