8 Non-Toxic Plants for Dogs and Cats for Greenery Without Worry

Look for African violets. They are low-maintenance, purple or pink, and grow without harsh light. 

African Violet

Tillandsia species don't need soil, making them pet-friendly and low-maintenance houseplants. 

Air Plant

The aluminum plant (Pilea) is attractive and non-toxic to dogs and cats due to its variegated gray-and-green leaves. 

Aluminum Plant or Watermelon Plant

This is safer than many other holiday plants, but don't allow your pets nibble on it (Christmas cacti can cause digestive pain). 

Christmas Cactus

Fern identification is difficult because many plants with "fern" in their names aren't ferns. 

Some Varieties of Ferns

The friendship plant, linked to aluminum plant, is named for its ease of division and sharing. 

Friendship Plant

Simple indoor herb plants give fresh flavor to home-cooked meals. Some herbs are safer for pets than others. 

Some Herbs

Lace blossom vine is a simple, pet-friendly houseplant that thrives in hanging baskets out of reach of cats and dogs. 

Lace Flower Vine or Chocolate Soldier