8 Landscaping Projects That Add Value to Your Home

Planting trees is the landscaping improvement most experts recommend for home value.

Plant trees

Buyers get an initial impression from your walkway. Spend time beautifying your walkway and entryway.

Spruce up the front walkway

A well-kept grass or front yard is another important curb appeal factor. A clean front yard boosts your home's value.

Invest in a well-maintained lawn

A well-lit yard automatically improves the overall look of the house, adding value.

Install landscape lighting

While we were stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, built-in and freestanding fire pits (Better Homes & Gardening 37-inch Round Propane.

Construct a fire pit

Privacy is a selling point for properties. Carefully designed landscaping can help achieve this goal.

Create privacy

Liz Hutz, co-owner of Cash Home Buyers NC, believes a backyard pond or other water feature can boost home value.

Add a water feature

Landscapes look great, but few like to water them. An irrigation system can provide significant value for buyers.

Install an irrigation system