8 Indoor enrichment ideas for dogs

1. Play hide and seek

This one is simple: hide your dog's favourite kibble or treats about the house and encourage them to find them. The best part is that you'll enjoy it as well.

2. Make a snuffle mat or ball

Snuffle mats and balls are excellent forms of enrichment, helping your dog gain confidence as they seek out their food. Who knew that some twisted rags and a few crumbs of kibble could bring an entire universe of enjoyment?

3. Cook up the muffin tin game

You only need a clean muffin tin and your dog's favorite treats or tailor-made kibble. Fill each hole in the tin with one treat or piece of kibble, then place a tennis ball on top of each.

4. Repurpose a cardboard box

Wait, don't dump that cardboard box in the recycling (yet)! Scatter some kibble inside, along with some ripped up pieces of paper and smaller cardboard boxes (if you have some).

5. Give your loo roll tubes a new life

Reaching the end of a loo roll can be a painful event. But there's good news: the empty tube makes an excellent enrichment toy. Stuff it with kibble and goodies, then fold over the ends to seal.

6. Try a fillable toy

Fillable toys are excellent. You may load them with treats, your dog's customized kibble, or even wet food, enhancing your dog's play experience with the promise of food.

7. Use a LickiMat

LickiMats are not only a terrific enrichment toy, but they also help your dog eat slower. So, if your dog is a voracious eater, a LickiMat could be the perfect solution to quiet them down while also providing a food-based challenge.

8. Try the cup game

We've all seen the cup game on TV or in movies, but did you realize your dog can also play it? The cup game teaches your dog to wait for rewards, improves their scenting abilities, and helps them solve challenges.