8 Gorgeous Accent Nails That Prove Just One or Two Nails Make a Statement

Twin Heart Accents

We adore double-accent nails. Most importantly, the matte mani is simple to replicate. Sheer nude lacquer, two little black hearts on side-by-side nails, and matte topcoat.

Black and White

Accent nails don't have to match on both hands. Choose a colour scheme and get creative with your single-nail design.

Daisy Accents

Do these flower accent nails seem pretty? Olive & June's Loveliest Day Nail Stickers ($8) can replicate these blossoms, but they sell out quickly. Luckily, they're refilled.

DIY Daisy

Not waiting for nail sticker restock? Paint DIY yellow-and-white flowers with a toothpick or striping brush like Olive & June creator Sarah Gibson Tuttle.

Butterfly Accents

Despite the fact that this manicure is a bit of a mash-up, it does have a single accent nail that is adorned with two glittery butterflies that significantly tie the look together.

Star Accent

A French manicure covered in vibrant colours and finished off with a single star? That is why we are here.

Dotted Florals

When it comes to nail art, creating a style that will turn heads may often be as easy as getting creative with dots. For example, these lovely ladies in a light pink colour.

Butterfly Flutter

The addition of a huge butterfly to each of the middle fingers makes this narrow French manicure seem really stunning.