8 Fantasy Shows That'll Transport You to a Whole New World


Wednesday, the Tim Burton Netflix series that managed to transform Wednesday Addams' depressing tone into a poignant tale of coming-of-age, poses this subject.

Pushing Daisies

Six foot five Lee Pace collaborated with a private investigator for two seasons on Pushing Daisies, where he brought individuals back to life for a brief period of time in exchange for money rewards for solving murders.


Galavant is a satirical musical comedy about a once-respected knight named Galavant who fell from grace after his beloved decided to wed a foolish king instead of him. If you enjoy musicals, you'll love Galavant.

The Umbrella Academy

There are several fantasy boxes that The Umbrella Academy fills. It features superpowers, time travel, potential apocalypses, alternative universes, and an eccentric billionaire at the center.

Once Upon a Time

Disney combined all of the fairy tales into a single performance, giving the live-action renditions of the studio's iconic animated flicks a unique spin.

House of the Dragon

Moreover, there's a fantastic spinoff of Game of Thrones. About 200 years before the first season of the show, House of the Dragon follows the House Targaryen.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

With the return of the beloved Lord of the Rings series on Amazon, it appears that everyone is getting a prequel these days.

Locke & Key

Follow the Locke family as they relocate to Mattheson, Massachusetts and stay at the storied Keyhouse, which is based on the comic book series of the same name.