8 Edible Flowers for Adding Stunning Color and Flavor to Your Plate


As long as they get at least six hours of sunlight a day and are in well-drained soil, these pretty plants are easy to grow in pots or in the ground. Cut them back in the spring so they have the best summer flowers.


Plant groups of flowers that have already grown early in the spring or fall, and they will bloom for months. Most types do best in dirt that is well-fertilized and gets at least six hours of sunshine every day.


This plant does well in pots and doesn't need a yard or garden. The plant likes water and sun, but it doesn't need any extra care. The petals are white, and the cores are yolky yellow.


You shouldn't plant the roots that grow these beautiful flowers until after the last spring frost. They do best where they will get strong morning sun and be out of the wind.


"Borage is very easy to grow, so if you plant it once, you'll probably always have it," says Bunting. Plant the perennial herb's seeds in late spring, either in a pot or straight into the ground. Then, just sit back and watch them grow.


Plant these hardy annuals in a warm spot in the spring to get flowers all summer long. The flowers can be cerulean blue, dark burgundy, white, reddish purple, or pink.


Stern says, "They grow so quickly that they're almost like weeds." The big, bold trumpet-shaped flowers grow quickly and look great as long as they're in the sun.


In a spot that gets full or partial sun, plant seeds after the last frost. You'll be glad you did all summer. But Bunting says to start seeds indoors before moving sprouts outside if slugs and other pests are common.