8 dog breeds with floppy ears

Bassett Hound

These puppies are incredibly cute due to their funny combination of squatty legs and large ears.


Long legs, floppy ears, and droopy eyes? Surely, it's a Bloodhound! They enjoy a challenge and have the best sense of smell in the world.


The energetic Beagle is consistently ranked as the most popular breed in America. These adorable tiny puppies have enormous hearts and wonderful personalities.

Cocker Spaniel

It is impossible to come across a Cocker Spaniel that isn't excessively endearing. These puppies are the ideal companions because they are neither too big nor too small.

English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is a highly popular breed for bird hunting enthusiasts. Because of their intelligence, they are very versatile and simple to train.


Not only do poodles have floppy ears, but their ears are also coated with curling fluff. There are three sizes available for this dog: toy, miniature, and standard.


A Doxie is loved by all. They are low to the earth, but as they enter the space, they command attention.

Irish Setter

This breed is distinguished by its stunning auburn coat. Irish Setters have powerful, muscular frames beneath their gorgeous hair, which have given many a hunter a distinct advantage over their prey.