8 Cutout Cookie Recipes That Are Perfect for Christmas

Maple Buttercream Cutouts

Your guests will be amazed by these pretty cookies in the shape of Christmas trees. This sugar cookie recipe makes 30 cookies, so you'll have lots to share.

The Best Sugar Cookies

These are our best sugar cookie recipes. They only take a little over an hour to make. There are clear steps that will help you make perfect cookies every time.

Grapefruit and White Chocolate Cookies

Here's a new way to make sugar cookies that will keep the holiday cookie decorating practice alive. Add fine sea salt to the iced cookies for a salty touch.

Multi-Cutout Tree Cutouts

It is not necessary to use frosting or piping bags in order to make these sugar cookies. All you need to do is split your dough into parts and paint each one with food coloring.

Almond Sugar Cookies and Mascarpone-Cocoa Cutouts

The most basic cookie cutter shapes, royal icing, and buttercream frosting are all you need to make festive Santa cookies. These delectable treats have an excellent taste thanks to their foundation of almond sugar cookies.

Almond Sour-Cream Sugar Cookies

Make your Christmas cookie plate taste like almonds with these sour cream sugar cookies. The taste and smell are heavenly thanks to the ground almonds and almond oil.

Chocolate Wreath Sugar Cookies

A wreath shape made of shaved chocolate gives a round cutout cookie a beautiful depth. To make the beautiful pattern, all you have to do is put chocolate chips in a circle on top of a regular sugar cookie that is covered in royal icing.

Diamond-Shape Santa Sugar Cookies

Make a Santa cookie out of a regular diamond-shaped cookie. filling made of powdered sugar gives the cookie character and keeps the filling in place.