8 Creative DIY Indoor Hanging Plant Holders

Wood Bowl Hanging Planter

This wood bowl hanging planter adds earthiness. This indoor hanging plant holder can accommodate many plants and fits any area with its sleek design.

Hanging Macramé Plant Holder

For good cause, macramé hanging plant holders are back. Make these indoor hanging plant holders easily and effortlessly for a look everyone loves.

Hanging Orchid Planter

This DIY hanging planter is stunning. A metal planter with moss, groundcover sedum, and brilliant orchids is romantic.

Modular Cylinder Planters

When linked together to make a DIY hanging plant container, these lightweight, shiny cylinders shine. Eight-color Fiori décor cylinders with metal cording are available.

Coatrack Hanging Garden

Hang terrariums and air plants from your wall-mounted coatrack pegs for a unique hanging plant holder.

Air Plant Hanging Terrariums

Decorative air plants in miniature terrariums make a subtle impact. Hang them from the ceiling or window frame to allow light illuminate their beauty.

DIY Teardrop Plant Hanger

This curving hanging plant container turns heads and is ideal for trailing plants like ivy or philodendron.

Air Plant Mobile

Passionate about air plants? We are too. These low-maintenance plants are perfect for DIY hanging plant holders.