8 Celebrities Who Joined the Copper Hair Color Craze

Serena Williams

Even with its reputation as a "high maintenance" hue, copper continues to remain popular with celebrities like Serena Williams.

Emily Ratajkowski

"I loved my recent transformation on Emily Ratajkowski," Perry explains. "She's such a cool and confident woman, and the color matched her personality."

Tessa Thompson

According to Dorram, copper hue is well-suited to all hair textures. Tessa Thompson's beautiful copper natural curls amply demonstrate her argument.

Grace Van Patten

Perry advises using color-safe shampoo and color-depositing products as part of your at-home care routine in between treatments to maintain copper color as brilliant as Grace Van Patten's.

Kendall Jenner

To get a desirable hue of copper like Kendall Jenner's, there are no requirements. But before scheduling your appointment, speak with a colorist if you've had chemical treatments done on your hair in the past.

Megan Thee Stallion

One can still get the desirable copper tone, like to Megan Thee Stallion, even if they have darker natural base colors and no pre-existing highlights. The only official announcement Perry made was to "plan to be in the salon for a while."


While some of us are prepared to embrace the copper color shift, others may need to take it slowly in order to preserve the health of their hair.

Megan Fox

Although Megan Fox has changed the color of her hair several times in the past year, copper hair has always appeared the most natural.