8 Best Hair Styling Tips - How To Style Your Hair

Know your hair type

You can keep innocent hair from getting damaged by getting to know it. So, learn to tell the difference between your hair types before you use a steamer or brush. There are two main types of hair: fine hair and thick hair.

Start with a good haircut

Cutting your hair regularly can do more than just get rid of dead ends; they can also make your hair look fuller and stronger. A good haircut also gives you a good base for any look you want to try.

Choose hair products based on hair thickness

For healthy, shiny hair, you should use shampoo and conditioner made for your hair type, along with a deep-conditioning treatment once a week to add extra wetness.

Become styling product-savvy

Styling products may be different in nature, but one thing remains the same: A little goes a long way. Always start with an itty-bitty amount and add more if needed.

Get the right hair tools and accessories

Make your kit fit your hair type and thickness, but don't forget to stock up on these basics: Tricomi recommends getting hair ties and bobby pins that match the colour of your hair, as well as a hair dryer.

Learn the hairbrush basics

For everyday cleaning, paddle brushes are best. To get every strand of hair, use a round brush when you blow-dry. But be careful with round brushes that have metal frames.

Learn to embrace your natural texture

More and more women are loving the way their hair naturally looks. If you've been hot styling your hair for years, it might take you a while to figure out what it really wants and needs to look its best.

Style according to your hair type

If you have fine hair, you can style it in a number of different ways. It's easy to mess up your hair, try chignons and low buns, and smooth or curl it. In the end, your personal style determines