8 Antiques in the Attic That Are Sadly Wasting Space

Royal Family Memorabilia

While once cherished, items like mugs with royal figures have lost allure. If cluttering your space, consider selling for a few bucks.

Model Trains

Old model trains may disappoint in value, ranging from $10,000 to barely $100. Brand, design, and rarity influence pricing.

Vinyl Records

With online streaming, vinyl values dropped. Some fetch thousands, but most sell for $2 to a few hundred, mainly to collectors.

Vintage Band T-Shirts

Mementos of music lovers, vintage band tees fetch around $50. Cherished for memories, but not for profits.

Star Wars Toys

Recent releases diminish the value of older Star Wars toys. Unless in original packaging, expect around $30 per figurine.

"Silver" Serving Utensils

Once treasured, silver utensils now hold little value beyond nostalgia. Expect a few hundred dollars if pawned.

Funko Pop Figurines

Cute and popular, but most Funko Pops won't appreciate much. Exceptions exist, but the average price is around $20.


While loved by collectors, most stamps hold little value today, except for rare exceptions.