7 Ways to Naturally Lighten Your Hair

Lemon juice's acidity allows it to raise color by altering the pH levels of the hair, but for best results, it still requires an increase in heat. The following are some suggestions from Los Angeles-based colorist Anja Burton.

Lemon Juice

We've been told to periodically rinse with ACV to help remove buildup and debris from our hair, but a longer rinse may also remove color, so it's a terrific natural lightener. 


The primary ingredient in honey that benefits our hair is an enzyme known as glucose oxidase. Its functions include breaking down carbohydrates and acting as a preservative.


Although baking soda is more well known for its ability to naturally whiten teeth, it may also have the similar effect on hair. If you choose the baking soda option, you will be brushing your hair with a paste, just as you would your teeth. 

Baking Soda

A common technique for lightening hair is using sea salt. Burton says, "It brightens naturally lightened hair as well as previously lightened hair (think children's hair)."

Sea Salt

The petals of this little, exquisite flower contain a pigment known as apigenin. When applied, apigenin produces a golden color that has the potential to adhere to the hair shaft.


Although it may sound strange, reddish-brown cinnamon naturally bleaches hair. Remember that certain skin types may be irritated by cinnamon, so always conduct a patch test before putting it to your scalp.

Cinnamon Mixed with Conditioner