7 Tough Plants for Full Sun and Heat


Being a native of the tropics, lantana prefers hot, humid weather and thrives on soil that is moist and drains well, though it can tolerate drought. It is a year-round bloomer, producing tightly clustered red, orange, yellow, pink, or white flowers.

Lemon Verbena

Originally from South America, this resilient and sun-loving herb is now grown all over the world. It is reported that Victorian women would stuff lemon verbena leaves into their handkerchiefs and breathe in the pleasant, zesty scent to escape the oppressive summer heat. 


These tall, colourful annuals from Mexico with silky, daisy-like blossoms. They are drought and heat-tolerant, which makes them perfect for gardening in arid regions or areas with poor soil. If you want to add a lot of colour to your space with little to no upkeep.


Marigolds are a perennial favourite that bloom in the summer and fall when many other plants are complaining about the heat. They are also very easy to grow, traditional (particularly as bedding and container plants), and come in cheery orange and yellow tones. 


Although geraniums have long been recognised to withstand heat better than most other plant species, hybrid geraniums have recently been developed, allowing for the creation of kinds that can withstand harsh climes like Texas and Arizona.


Salvias, sometimes called sages, are easy to cultivate, easy to care for, and have long blooms. They are also resistant to deer. Salvias are native to the Mediterranean, where they flourish in full sun, tolerate heat, and require little irrigation during the summer.


One class of succulents that require very little care are called sedums, or stonecrops. Sedum plants thrive in less-than-ideal environments by retaining moisture in their thick, succulent leaves. They are resistant to drought, heat, humidity, and poor soil.