7 Tips to Achieve Smoother, Fuller, Healthy Hair

Volume is best achieved by backcombing your hair. It's crucial to backcomb properly to avoid hair damage. 

Backcomb Your Hair

Parting your hair differently can instantly raise flat hair. Long-term parting tends to make your hair conform to that way. 

Change Your Parting

Use foam rollers or flexi rods overnight to wake up with voluminous hair, or use hot rollers an hour before you go.

Hair Rollers For The Win

Flat hair can be volumized easily. One way is to bun your hair. Do not worry about a perfect bun yet.

Messy Buns To Rescue

Flat-haired people should keep hair mousse. Its thickness-boosting elements keep your hair looking healthy.

Hair Styling Products That Matter

For instant voluminous hair, ask your hairstylist for layers. This volumizes thin, flat hair.

Go For Classic Layers

It concerns what hair products you use regularly. Volumizing shampoo and conditioner can also add volume to flat hair.

Shampoo & Conditioner