7 Taylor Swift Songs That Make Perfect Soundtrack for Different Moods

This song from Speak Now explores a poisonous relationship and depicts betrayal, heartache, and disappointment. 

Dear John

Speak Now's contemplative track shows Taylor's regret and desire for a prior romance. 

Back to December

This song captures the heartache and longing following a breakup with its melancholy music and lyrics. 

Last Kiss

This melancholy and atmospheric ballad from Red (Taylor's Version) depicts the bittersweet feelings of a failed romance.

Grilled Mahi-Mahi With Salsa 

This reflective track from Lover explores Taylor's fears and emotional struggles. The lyrics stress self-acceptance, growth, and learning from mistakes.

The Archer

The song's lyrics encourage finding sanctuary and stability in a chaotic world. The lyrics' tenderness evokes emotion and security.

Safe & Sound (Taylor's Version)

This song from Fearless (Taylor's Version) tells the story of a relationship that starts with dreams and ends with disappointment. 

White Horse (Taylor's Version)

This ambient 1989 track evokes longing and nostalgia for a wonderful, unattainable relationship. 

Wildest Dreams