7 Must-Know Indoor Palm Plant Care Tips

Provide the Right Light

Most palms prefer bright, indirect light, but many houseplants have specialized light demands.

Pay Attention to Humidity

Most indoor palms are tropical or subtropical and require more humidity than most house climates give. 

Don’t Overwater

Palms often overwater. Maintain moist but not saturated soil. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings.

Pick the Right Potting Soil

Companies make soil mixes for this trio of plants since they have comparable soil needs.

Use the Right Fertilizer

Palms have unique fertilizing needs, so I recommend getting a palm-specific fertilizer and not fertilizing excessively," O'Gwin advises.

Patrol for Pests

Palms, like many houseplants, are pest-prone. Palms can have spider mites and mealybugs, which are hard to eradicate, adds O'Gwin. 

Beware of Drafts

You must arrange palms carefully since they draft. Avoid placing them near air vents that might dry out palm leaves and soil.