7 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds with Blue Eyes

A pointed Balinese cat will always have intense blue eyes. A random genetic mutation in purebred Siamese cats gave these stunning kittens their lengthy coats. Medium-sized cats are more than lovely faces.


The breed may have originated in France when Burmese cats were mixed with Siamese cats. Birmans love and play. They're talkative, although not as loud as Balinese


The pointed Himalayan was bred from Siamese and Persian cats. Not all organisations distinguish the breed from the Persian. Himalayan eyes are usually bright blue, and its long, thick coat comes in several hues.


Ojos Azules (Spanish for "blue eyes") is a rare cat breed with an undeveloped breed standard. Though neither pointed or white, its eyes are always a vivid blue. The breed originated in 1984 when a wild New Mexico tortoiseshell cat

Ojos Azules

Persians are popular cats due to their silky coats, smushed faces, and pleasant demeanour. White Persians frequently have blue eyes. Persians are placid, affectionate, and undemanding.


Ragdolls are among the most laid-back cats. Charming kitties with huge blue eyes are easy to fall for. Many compare them to dogs in intelligence and friendliness. Ragdolls often do tricks for rewards.


Call them Meezers they're clever and inquisitive. They love attention and won't hesitate to ask for more cuddles. They don't enjoy being ignored with their many vocalisations