7 Landscaping Ideas For Small Front Yards

Accent With Grass

Brophy Interiors utilized thick grass borders to add an illusion of a front yard in a modern Southern California home, creating a beautiful contrast against cement pavers.

Preserve Midcentury Style

Mary Patton Design maintained the midcentury modern aesthetic in a small front yard by incorporating clean lines, mixed materials, and minimal plantings that complement the architecture.

Use What You Have

Maite Granda embraced the natural greenery surrounding a cottage-style Florida home, keeping the front yard simple with small patches of lawn and complementary plantings.

Round the Edges

Mary Patton Design sculpted the edges of a small front yard to soften the transition between the driveway and yard, enhancing the landscape surrounding a large home.

Try Cape Cod Style

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors landscaped the front of a historic Maine Cape Cod-style home with curved beds, vintage containers, and a planted border, maintaining the timeless feel of the property.

Rewild a City Lot

Seed Studio Landscape Design transformed a concrete front yard in San Francisco's Mission District into a modern oasis with new trees, meadow plantings, and modern pavers, creating a climate-friendly garden buzzing with wildlife.

Mix Grass + Gravel

Blanco Bungalow divided the front yard of a 1920s Spanish-style home in Long Beach, California, with a curving walkway, pea gravel patio, and a small patch of grass, blending seamlessly with the Southern California landscape.