7 Easter Recipes to Create New Holiday Traditions

Madeira-Glazed Ham

This Christmas ham is perfect for a special occasion feast, as it shines in a glaze of spiced madeira and honey and is served over a bed of greens and lemon.

Broiled Leeks with Toasted Pine Nut Sauce

The key to the pine nut sauce that goes with these smoky leeks is a dash of vinegar. Add a generous amount of pine nuts as a garnish for a buttery finish and texture.

Potatoes au Gratin

In this rich, elegant gratin, potatoes and onions are placed in concentric rings, covered in a creamy cheese sauce, then topped with additional shredded cheese.

Asparagus and Fava Bean Tart with Herbed Ricotta

Lemon zest and thyme scent this tart's ricotta interior, which balances Parmesan and prosciutto. To get a crisp crust, gently press the par-baked dough

Grilled Rack of Lamb with Demi-Glace Butter

This enormous feast's taste is transformed by the demi-butter and balsamic glaze, which can be prepared ahead and brought together fast.

Sweet Potato Yeast Rolls

Dinner rolls are essential to any large feast, and these sweet potato rolls provide a unique twist. Butter them just after baking and serve.

White Asparagus Soup with Pickled Ramps and Hazelnuts

André Mack's buttery white asparagus soup is delicately sweet from the asparagus and tart from the pickled ramps, which lighten the meal.