6 Sneaky Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

 I don't drink enough water

H2O is crucial to weight loss, as most people know. It reduces appetite, preventing overeating. Dehydration impairs kidney function, thus the liver helps.

I skimp on protein

Several studies demonstrate that high-protein diets initially lose more weight. Protein increases satiety and avoids muscle loss when decreasing fat.

I sit most of the day

I exercise for an hour most days. Besides that, I spend most of my time at a computer. Could this explain why I'm exercising but not losing weight?

My numbers are off

Adding a medicine ball to your burpee increases intensity, metabolism, and core muscle.

I work out regularly

Yes, I know. How may exercising help you gain? People eat more when they exercise because they feel they've "earned it" or because they overestimate how much they've burned. 

I'm a stress case

Under stress, I'm like lab rats and humans who eat and gain weight.Cortisol begins the fight-or-flight response.