10 Most popular movies of 2024 so far, ranked

Night Swim ($32,494,740)

Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon star in this horror film about a family moving into a house with a sinister swimming pool. Despite negative reviews, its intriguing premise makes it worth a stream on Peacock.

Madame Web ($43,809,294)

This latest entry in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe stars Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb, a paramedic with future-seeing abilities who protects three teenage girls from a villain.

Argylle ($45,207,275)

Matthew Vaughn’s spy film features Henry Cavill as a secret agent whose adventures are the fictional creations of a novelist (Bryce Dallas Howard). Despite its poor performance, you can stream it on Apple TV+.

The Beekeeper ($66,220,535)

Jason Statham stars as a former operative seeking vengeance for a friend’s suicide due to scammers. Known for his action roles, Statham delivers a solid performance. Rent it on Prime Video, YouTube, Apple.

Mean Girls ($72,404,248)

A musical twist on the 2004 high school comedy, this version sees Cady Heron navigate North Shore High School’s social cliques. Despite mixed reactions, it performed well at the box office. Stream it on Paramount+.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire ($89,362,551)

The Ghostbusters return to New York City to combat a new evil force. Despite mixed reviews, the film hopes to surpass $100 million domestically. Now in theaters.

Bob Marley: One Love ($96,602,729)

This biopic, starring Kingsley Ben-Adir, chronicles Bob Marley's rise to fame after surviving an assassination attempt. The film exceeded expectations with its strong box office performance.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire ($136,359,532)

Godzilla and Kong team up against a new threat in this latest MonsterVerse installment. Despite mixed reviews, it has performed well, promising epic battles. Now in theaters.

Kung Fu Panda 4 ($166,404,960)

Jack Black returns as Po, who searches for his successor while facing a new villain. Its success indicates another potential sequel. Now in theaters.

Dune: Part Two ($265,646,536)

Denis Villeneuve’s sequel continues Paul Atreides’ quest for revenge. The film has been a massive hit, with stunning visuals and action sequences. It’s expected to remain popular throughout the year.